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FIC Group

First International Computer, Inc (FIC) provides partners an one-stop-shopping and turnkey service solution which include designing, engineering, system integration, supply chain management and electronic manufacturing services for automotive.


FIC is a world leader in the IoT electronics design and manufacturing industry for over 40 years, now is focusing its core business on building automotive electronic design development, supply chain management and system integration.

To extend end-to-end solution for customers, FIC partners with 3CEMS Group, part of the FIC Group family, which provides from printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) to final Box-Build. 


This alliance also provides product customization and friendly application software to help the customers to differentiate their products in the market. FIC promises customers a secure, long-term partnerships based on flexibility, integrity and ethical business practices.

End-to-End Solutions from design developing to NRE, and to PCB/PCBA and Box-Build with DFx, JDM (Join Design Manufacturing), Turnkey Sourcing & Engineering services.

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