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About 3CEMS Locations

3CEMS has 2 locations in Mainland China and 1 location in Taiwan with a total area of 132,752 square meters. Business focuses on EMS, Joint Design Electronic Manufacturing and vertically integrated our experience and resource to provide our customers the professional manufacturing services. Our facilities in Southern China are harmoniously orchestrated and monitored to ensure that work performed for our clients meet global standards of quality and efficiency.  

◆ Prime Technology (Guangzhou) Inc.

EMS Business Unit

Year Built: 1998

Area: 22,500m2 / 242,188 sq. ft

Main Product: Join Design, PCBA and Box Build for Automotive, Industrial, Communication, Maritime, Medical, Consumer Electronics.

Current Production Lines: 13 SMT / 11 MI / 8 Assembly

SMT Capacity: 802kk/m

Assembly Capacity: 240k/m

MI Capacity: 1080k/m



OE Business Unit

Main Product:  Optical Communication Electronics Manufacturing

Current Production Lines: 3 SMT

Assembly Capacity: 900k/M

The OE Business Unit is mainly focused on the optical module PCB Assembly. It has cooperated with famous optical module companies at domestic and international for many years with accumulated a series of advanced production experience in optical module PCBA industry.

Since 2007, the OE Business Unit has been producing low-level optical module PCBA such as SFP, SFF, XFP, etc. Until now, it has covered all optical module packaging types, such as CFP, SFP+, TXFP, QSFP28, QSFP56, OSFP, QSFPDD, etc., with a wealth of experience in 01005 chip mount, COB area protection, 37030LGA process, FPCB, BGA, under fill, part encapsulation, 0201 part coating and other process capabilities.



Amertek Computer

Year Built: 1994

Area: 94,000m2

Capital: USD19.2M

Main Product: PCBA, SSD, RAM, PC System, Mini PC System, AIO

Current Production Lines: 37 SMT / 5 Assembly / 11 MI

SMT Capacity: 2.57kkk/m

Assembly Capacity: 110k/m

MI Capacity: 1092k/m

3CEMS Amertek Computer


PCB assembly, SMT, SPI / 2D 3D AOI, X-Ray, Auto Insertion Lines, FPCBA, Conformal Coating, ICT/ATE, Box-Build, Run In process / Burn In Room

QC080000, X-Ray Analytical Microscope / ICP-OES, QA inspection & Reliability Test, IQC Inspection Equipment List, 2.5D & 5D X-Ray, 3D SPI, Vibration Tester, Salt Spray Tester, Boundary Scan, Flying Probe.

2.5D Projector, X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometers, V-Cut Thickness Gauge, High Gauge And Marble Platform, Bore Gauge, Microscope, Magnifier, Caliper, Digital Gauss Meter, Digital Micro Meter, Wood moisture Meter, Rubber Sclerometer, LCR Meter, Insulation Resistance Tester.



3CEMS COB Chamber

3CESM System Assembly

◆ PRIME BASE INC. Taiwan Branch

SMT Lines: 3

SMT Capacity: 7.25 kk/m

Assembly Lines: 2

Assembly Capacity: 50k/m

MI Lines: 2

MI Capacity: 200k/m

Employees: 200

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