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3CEMS is your trusted electronic manufacturing services provider. Backed by more than 25 years of global experience accounting for annual revenues of 600 millions, we continue to drive to become one of the leading suppliers in the EMS industry. We vertically integrate our factories wide range of capabilities, know-how and supply chain management to meet our customer most stringent requirements. We offer our customers an all-in one solution from PCB, PCBA to completed Box-Build, System Build/Integration and Join Design services. Specializing in the fields of computer peripherals, communications, medical, automotive, industrial and maritime electronics enterprise, we have partnered with many Tier-1 brand names from North America, Europe and Asia. 

3CEMS Milestone

1994    Establishment of Amertek Computer   

1997    Establishment of Broad Technology

1998    Establishment of Prime Technology and Danriver Technology

1999    Prime obtained ISO9002.

2000    Broad, Danriver and Prime obtianed ISO14001.  Danriver also awarded ISO9002.

2002    Establishment of Danriver System. Prime obtained ISO9001.

2003    Establishment of Broadteam.

2004    Achieved a dramatic revenue growth of 80%, became the leading EMS service provider.

2005    Prime obtained ISO/TS16949.

2006    3CEMS obtained Pioneer EHS certificate. Our plants have been assured to avoid against the environment.

2007    3CEMS has become CANON green partner. Prime was awarded by Finisar as qualified supplier. Prime obtained ISO13485 and QC08000.

2010    3CEMS has become Sony green partner.

2011    3CEMS formed Touch Panel team and Green Energy Optoelectronics Dept., investing sufficient resource and facility for the growing industries.

2012    3CEMS established the 8th plant in Dongguan named NBM Production.

2013    3CEMS signed an agreement with maritime major player Kongsberg, and obtained Best Partner Vendor Award from Kyocera.

2016    3CEMS PRIME Base established new CIS (corporation Identity System)

2017    3CEMS PRIME signed a contract with a Tier 1 well-known flying car company, Zee.Aero.

2017    SEAs (Service Excellence Awards) 1st Place Award Winner in "Quality in Manufacturing".

2017    ISO 26262 (Road Vehicles - Functional Safety)

2018    IATF 16949 (Automotive)

2018    PCH Quality Awards in Medical Electronic Manufacturing

2018    3CEMS signed contract manufacturing agreement with Gigabyte

2018    3CEMS achieved World Top 35th in EMS industry ranking

2019    3CEMS hit World Top 36th in MMI top 50 EMS ranking

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