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At 3CEMS, we respect the environment and the employees as our commitment to social responsibility. Our goal is to reduce the consumption of resources and any emission of pollutants to the environments. We respect sincerely every individual we work with, considering them as the vital role to our success.

Social Responsibility


Each business division within the 3CEMS Group is committed to safeguarding the environment against the effects of electronics manufacturing. We control any wastage of resources in our production process and other related activities through the strict implementation of our environmental management policies. Co-operating with international guidelines, legislations and regulations prescribed by local countries, states and cities from within the geographical area that our plants are located, we work towards the reduction and prevention of all forms of pollution.

3CEMS Green Certification

3CEMS HFS Management

3CEMS Purchase Policy for Conflict Minerals


An Environmental Awareness class, covering issues such as global warming, depleting non-renewable resources, international policies and environmental contamination, are conducted for all of our employees to educate themselves on the impact that each individual has on the planet.

Lead Free Process

Complying with the RoHS (Restriction Of the use of certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment) Directive issued by the European Union, the 3CEMS group and it’s business subsidiaries have employed a lead free process in all our plants since 2001.

Employee Welfare

The 3CEMS working environment is a great environment for the professional and personal development of our entire staff. Employing over 6,000 employees, we offer competitive salaries and provide all of the basic necessities that would help each individual staff feel comfortable in performing their duties. These include clean and hygienic accommodation in all of our compounds, protection by a trained squad of security guards, healthy onsite prepared meals, free medication and inspection, insurance, maternity leave/benefits and annual leaves. Other on-site facilities include banking services, postal service, hairdressers, sports rooms, ball courts, entertainment facilities and medical services.

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