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    ATM, an Automated Teller Machine, is a highly precise mechanical and electrical integration device. It uses a magnetic code card or a smart card to run self-service of financial transaction in order to save time and replace the work of the bank counter personnel. It can carry out the work of extracting cash, checking the balance of the deposit, carrying out the funds transfer between accounts and inquiring the balance, and so on. Cash deposit (real time entry), check deposit, passbook supplement, intermediate business and so on. Card holders can use credit cards or savings cards to check and run your bank services, such as: withdrawals, check balance, transfer, deposit, purchase of funds, change the password, pay bills and so on. With years of ATM production experience, 3CEMS Group continues to be a quality manufacturer of ATM machine. We provide great analysis reports for production processes, testing, quality and other technical capabilities for better manufacturing tracking. We have certain professional team that can reduce costs from optimizing manufacturing process, controlling good quality. If you are looking for a professional electronic manufacturing factory to produce your design of ATM products, please contact us today.

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