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    Notification 2020-01-29
    Notification of the people's Government of Guangdong Province on the resumption of work of enterprises and the opening time of schools To: People's governments of cities at or above the local level, people's governments of counties (cities, districts), departments and organizations directly under the provincial government: In order to strengthen the prevention and control of pneumonia caused by ne...
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  • EMS 2.0: What's next for electronics manufacturing?
    EMS 2.0: What's next for electronics manufacturing? 2020-01-17
    A typical electronics manufacturing assembly line generally consists of inspection, mechanical assembly, ICT, x-ray, post-SMT, automated optical inspection (AOI), reflow, PnP, solder paste inspection (SPI) and printer. Today’s electronics product marketplace is somehow off-balance. Plant managers are feeling the pain. Key drivers of supply shortage include massive labor shortage and political inst...
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  • These were the most talked-about products at CES
    These were the most talked-about products at CES 2020-01-10
    Walking through CES can feel overwhelming. To your left is a headband that promises to read your brain waves and get you to relax. A few rows down is a toothbrush that will tell you if you're brushing too hard. In yet another area: an Alexa-enabled Lamborghini. The consumer tech show in Las Vegas features thousands of companies — from big names like Google (GOOGL) and Samsung (SSNLF) to unknown st...
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  • Aerospace: Shift-left for Hardware and Software development
    Aerospace: Shift-left for Hardware and Software development 2020-01-07
    The complexity of systems has grown at a breathtaking pace over the past 20 years. What may look to an individual design team like a system almost certainly turns out to be a component in a more complex system. Aerospace is no different. A fighter jet like the F-35 was developed by an international partnership (Australia, Canada, Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Turkey, the United Kingdom ...
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  • The trends that will guide automotive technology in 2020
    The trends that will guide automotive technology in 2020 2019-12-27
    Auto manufacturers have no option other than to realign their strategies in order to accommodate the looming revolution. Connected and electric cars are already on our roads. And the reality of fully-autonomous cars is coming closer and closer. Technology is helping auto companies to not only modernize their manufacturing processes but also to gather, manage, and analyze data. There's also tons of...
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  • 5 Hot IoT Trends to Keep Your Eye On
    5 Hot IoT Trends to Keep Your Eye On 2019-12-20
    The Internet of Things (IoT), or the ability to connect everyday objects to the internet, has increased in popularity and widespread use over the last several years. According to IoT analytics, the global IoT market will grow to $1,567B by 2025. Various industries have already implemented the technology, which offers benefits for individuals and organizations alike. Its uses are diverse, with the ...
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  • electronics manufacturing services
    Communication Electronics Manufacturing Cloud Computing or Network Services are linked through network segments of Access, Aggregation, Metro & Core, or Last Mile to First Mile in Services Providers’ terminology & viewpoint. With inclusively its Precision Pick & Place Process (P4) Capabilities, Prime has been manufacturing communication products of: and is aimed to focus on the build of Access & Aggregation categories @ PCBA, Box and System levels, irrespective of wired (copper or fiber) & wireless media used.
  • automotive electronic systems manufacturing
    3CEMS Group, being an EMS provider with intensive process capabilities, is in position to build Electronic Control Units in Automotive Category such as following & not limited to: Body & Comfort, Audio & Infotainment, Power Train & Safety, HEV/EV. Manufacturing segment in automotive industry: Dashboard & LCD Monitor, Car Audio, Voice Interface, Electronic Power Steering, Head Up Display, Engine Control Unit, Vehicle Body Control Module, HVAC Control Module, Door and Mirror Control Module, Lamp Module, Vehicle Battery Management System, HEV and EV Main Inverter, DC-DC Converter, On Board Charger.
    Medical Electronics Manufacturing
    Looking for better smart building, IoT electronics manufacture and design solutions?
  • OEM Measurement Equipment
    Having rich experiences to provide OEM & ODM services to world-top tier-1 companies for test & measurement devices manufacturing.

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