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Manufacturing Service Segments


Looking for better smart building, IoT electronics manufacture and design solutions?

1. Lighting & Retrofit
Lights control to provide the right luminosity where and when it is needed.

2. Control Panel
Security, environmental control & Access control panel via interactive touch screen devices or from mobile

3. Occupancy Detection
Occupancy, smoke detection, intrusion detection and motion sensors for a comfortable space

4. Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning
Comfortable climate, temperature and air control

5. Power Supply & Energy Saving
Stable bus voltage and safe access to power network data, water management, energy information management

6. Management Station
Improved maintenance management and energy performance

Smart Buildings coupled with IoT reduce management, maintenance, and utility costs by learning from data you collect to create new efficiencies, like automatically turning off the heat in an unused room. Personalize and automate your building’s features—lighting, heating and cooling, room utilization, and more—to create a more comfortable and productive work environment

Connect and integrate disparate systems and usage information into a central view for better visibility into inefficiencies and issues, and to gain insights to achieve building peak optimization. Drive environmental efficiencies and higher returns by optimizing the use of resources such as heating and cooling, electricity, water, and other utilities and systems to reduce energy consumption and costs. 

Improve your processes using industrial IoT. Use sensors and advanced analytics to predict parts need maintenance, reducing unplanned downtime and predictive analytics that cuts into production time. Create new business models that offer predictive maintenance and performance monitoring for the equipment you produce, delivering a richer customer experience. Access sensor data to improve field service scheduling, ensuring the right technicians and tools are dispatched before potential issues become a major problem. Allow patients to receive care at home where they're comfortable. With wearable sensors, doctors can remotely track and respond to a patients’ health status in real time. Ensure critical medical devices are ready to use when your patients need them by fixing problems before they occur with predictive maintenance. 

Enhance the overall well-being of patients by tracking how equipment is used, from employing hospital bed sensors to monitoring room temperature and hand washing stations.

IoT Integrations

50 Emerging Players In The New Buildings Ecosystem

1. Windows
VG Smart Glass, View, Polysolar, iGlass Technology, Onyx Solar.

2. Building Envelopes

3. Lighting/Sensors
Igor, Wavelength, Green Creative.

4. Energy Systems

Tesla, IBIS Power, Totem Power, NETenergy, Enerbrain, SunPower Helix.

5. Furniture Systems


6. Roof System

Sunrun, SolarCity, Sun Number.

7. Building Management

WeWorkOS, Site 1001, Bractlet, OpenEE, Root3 Tech, Augury, Senseware.

8. Building Structure/Systems

FullStack Modular, Prescient, Infinity Structures, Branch Technology, Contour Crafting, RENCA.

9. Water Systems

Intellihot, AquaGen Infrastructure Systems, Swiss Invent AG.

10. Safety/Security

Soloinsight, Doorport, Photosynth (Akerun), ALICE Receptionist.

11. Mobility

ParqEx, WeSmartPark, ChargePoint, SpotHero, Boni.

12. Foundations/Pavement

Arx Pax, Solar Roadways, Lightspeed Road Solar, PaveDrain, Tarmac Topmix Permeable, Pavegen.

A free consultation

Please Note: We Do Not Sell Any Electronic Products.

3CEMS is an Electronic Contract Manufacturer and only provide manufacturing services to produce your designed electronic products, we don't sell any electronics

If you are interested in our manufacturing services, please describe your product designs, applications, functions, PCB Assembly or Box-Build and annual expected quantities that you would like us to quote for you. Once we receive your requests, we will ask for more detailed technical information like BOM, Gerber, 3D Drawing, Testing Info...etc for further RFQ evaluation.

Please follow these steps in order to speed up your RFQ process. Thank you.

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Baseline and Targeting The T-Star 245 Tipify Platform meets many Internet of Things Application requirements. It is an ANSI C12 certified tariff meter for both pulse inputs and with a Modbus RTU connected Veris CT package and its ability to connect to Building Automation Systems that make this a good fit for Metering, Monitoring, Automated Demand Response and Analytics. M & V Ethernet LAN and WAN connect to plant over BACnet IP and Modbus TCP and to enterprise servers over oBiX and Haystack protocols. 3G GSM, CDMA and 4G modem options support. Measurement & Verification RS-485 serial port support ( Modbus RTU ).

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Please Note: We Do Not Sell Any Electronic Products.