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The operation of the modern car is composed by lots of computer modules, such as ECU (Electronic Control Units) Gateway. Due to having lots of computer modules in a vehicle, the data between each module needs to be exchanged and shared to one and another; hence, a core managing device is required to control all electronic modules within a car, the Gateway will perform and play such important role to communicate and transmit important data information among all modules. Since the transmission speed of each module in the vehicle is different, the gateway will increase or reduce its speed to transmit the data information sent by the gateway.

Because of its powerful function, small size and low cost, the Gateway has become an indispensable key component for vehicles. 3CEMS Group plays a significant role to provide ECU manufacturing services for car companies, like : Great Wall, Geely, Chana, VW and so on. If you are looking for a contract manufacturer to produce your ECU Gateway designs, please contact us today.

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Please Note: We Do Not Sell Any Electronic Products.

3CEMS is an Electronic Contract Manufacturer and only provide manufacturing services to produce your designed electronic products, we don't sell any electronics

If you are interested in our manufacturing services, please describe your product designs, applications, functions, PCB Assembly or Box-Build and annual expected quantities that you would like us to quote for you. Once we receive your requests, we will ask for more detailed technical information like BOM, Gerber, 3D Drawing, Testing Info...etc for further RFQ evaluation.

Please follow these steps in order to speed up your RFQ process. Thank you.

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automotive electronic systems manufacturing AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRONIC MANUFACTURING
3CEMS Group, being an EMS provider with intensive process capabilities, is in position to build Electronic Control Units in Automotive Category such as following & not limited to: Body & Comfort, Audio & Infotainment, Power Train & Safety, HEV/EV. Manufacturing segment in automotive industry: Dashboard & LCD Monitor, Car Audio, Voice Interface, Electronic Power Steering, Head Up Display, Engine Control Unit, Vehicle Body Control Module, HVAC Control Module, Door and Mirror Control Module, Lamp Module, Vehicle Battery Management System, HEV and EV Main Inverter, DC-DC Converter, On Board Charger.
Professional Manufacturer in Automotive Electronics/Camera Lens Assembly/Test
Design and Manufacturing Battery Management System
Flying Car Electronics Manufacturing Services
electronics manufacturing services COMMUNICATION ELECTRONICS MANUFACTURING
Communication Electronics Manufacturing Cloud Computing or Network Services are linked through network segments of Access, Aggregation, Metro & Core, or Last Mile to First Mile in Services Providers’ terminology & viewpoint. With inclusively its Precision Pick & Place Process (P4) Capabilities, Prime has been manufacturing communication products of: and is aimed to focus on the build of Access & Aggregation categories @ PCBA, Box and System levels, irrespective of wired (copper or fiber) & wireless media used.
ATM, an Automated Teller Machine, is a highly precise mechanical and electrical integration device. It uses a magnetic code card or a smart card to run self-service of financial transaction in order to save time and replace the work of the bank counter personnel. It can carry out the work of extracting cash, checking the balance of the deposit, carrying out the funds transfer between accounts and inquiring the balance, and so on. Cash deposit (real time entry), check deposit, passbook supplement, intermediate business and so on. Card holders can use credit cards or savings cards to check and run your bank services, such as: withdrawals, check balance, transfer, deposit, purchase of funds, change the password, pay bills and so on. With years of ATM production experience, 3CEMS Group becomes a leading manufacturer of ATM machine. We provide great analysis reports for production processes, testing, quality and other technical capabilities for better manufacturing tracking. We have certain professional team that can reduce costs from optimizing manufacturing process, controlling good quality. If you are looking for a professional electronic manufacturing factory to produce your design of ATM products, please contact us today.

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Please Note: We Do Not Sell Any Electronic Products.