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Logwell Technology Co. Ltd

Year Built: 1997

Employees: 250

Datong Plant :Two Floors with 2,500 Sq. Meter No. 254, Sec. 3, Datong Rd., XizhiDist., New Taipei City 221,Taiwan

Da'an Plant :Buliding for One-Stop-Service, Self-Own Seven Floors with 4,000 Sq. MeterNo. 46, Ln. 56, Da’anSt., XizhiDist., New Taipei City 221, Taiwan

Main Product & Service: Join Design, PCBA and Box Build for Industrial, Communication, Consumer Electronics and Optical Communication Business Unit. OEM/ODM for Compute Appliance & GPS Solution , SMTDIPFunction Testing andFinish Good Assembly. IC design and Firmware develop for Controller. Consultant for Product Researching, Developingon Computing,Communication Network  Sample Service

Current Production Lines: 4 SMT / 2 MI / 2 Assembly

SMT Capacity: 7.25kk/m

Assembly Capacity: 50k/m

MI Capacity: 200k/m

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