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  • 5 Hot IoT Trends to Keep Your Eye On
    5 Hot IoT Trends to Keep Your Eye On 2019-12-20
    The Internet of Things (IoT), or the ability to connect everyday objects to the internet, has increased in popularity and widespread use over the last several years. According to IoT analytics, the global IoT market will grow to $1,567B by 2025. Various industries have already implemented the technology, which offers benefits for individuals and organizations alike. Its uses are diverse, with the ...
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  • Crafted Skill
    Crafted Skill 2019-12-16
    As being a professional EMS provider for more than 20 years, 3CEMS has always focused on the personnel training and the improvement of technical skills, thereby providing the distinct manufacturing services to global partners. Now, we would like to share the happiness that our SMT supervisor, Taney Tang, has received affirmation from experts and be given the title: Technical Expert and Lecturer in...
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  • 2020 CES Las Vegas Booth 2821
    2020 CES Las Vegas Booth 2821 2019-12-10
    Meet FIC in CES 2020 It's always exciting and can't wait to meet all friends during this period every year in Vegas. In 2020 CES, FIC will not only be introducing special design solutions but also bringing fabulous technology to optimize and upgrade your automotive electronic products, such as digital cluster, smart fleet for truck, AR HUD, Gateway ECU, BMS..etc. First International Computer will ...
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  • Electric cars may be the future, but they're still critically flawed in a key area
    Electric cars may be the future, but they're still critically flawed in a key area 2019-12-08
    Studies have shown that in the US, Europe, and in China, producing an electric vehicle creates more greenhouse-gas emissions than producing an equivalent gas-powered vehicle. The biggest reason for that disparity is an electric vehicle's battery, which can account for about a quarter of its weight, Colby Self, the managing director at the Automotive Science group, told Business Insider. Electric-v...
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  • Smart Homes of Tomorrow – This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things
    Smart Homes of Tomorrow – This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things 2019-10-28
    Privacy, vulnerability and reliability are the three main issues almost every connected device currently on the market faces, yet consumers are still choosing to automate their homes at an incredible rate. Currently we are seeing a huge growth in products and systems designed to improve and transform the way we live our lives inside of our homes. Demand for these devices is becoming something that...
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  • AR in Your Car: How HUDs Are Changing Driving
    AR in Your Car: How HUDs Are Changing Driving 2019-10-21
    Head-up displays (HUDs) are the next evolution in creating a better driving experience. They can help improve car designs by displaying key information and functionality on the driver’s windshield, which can improve the driver’s situational awareness. For example, displaying a car’s speed in the driver’s line of sight can reduce the eyes-off-the-road time. And when integrated with sensors and the ...
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  • electronics manufacturing services
    Communication Electronics Manufacturing Cloud Computing or Network Services are linked through network segments of Access, Aggregation, Metro & Core, or Last Mile to First Mile in Services Providers’ terminology & viewpoint. With inclusively its Precision Pick & Place Process (P4) Capabilities, Prime has been manufacturing communication products of: and is aimed to focus on the build of Access & Aggregation categories @ PCBA, Box and System levels, irrespective of wired (copper or fiber) & wireless media used.
  • automotive electronic systems manufacturing
    3CEMS Group, being an EMS provider with intensive process capabilities, is in position to build Electronic Control Units in Automotive Category such as following & not limited to: Body & Comfort, Audio & Infotainment, Power Train & Safety, HEV/EV. Manufacturing segment in automotive industry: Dashboard & LCD Monitor, Car Audio, Voice Interface, Electronic Power Steering, Head Up Display, Engine Control Unit, Vehicle Body Control Module, HVAC Control Module, Door and Mirror Control Module, Lamp Module, Vehicle Battery Management System, HEV and EV Main Inverter, DC-DC Converter, On Board Charger.
    Medical Electronics Manufacturing
    Looking for better smart building, IoT electronics manufacture and design solutions?
  • OEM Measurement Equipment
    Having rich experiences to provide OEM & ODM services to world-top tier-1 companies for test & measurement devices manufacturing.

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