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  • 10 Green Principles For EV Sustainability
    10 Green Principles For EV Sustainability 2019-09-06
    Recently published guidelines could help ensure that new battery technologies are sustainable and environmentally sound. As electrification begins to spread across the transportation sector, the way in which battery systems are developed, manufactured, used, and recycled has a significant effect on the scale of their environmental impact. Growth from just a few percent today to more than 40% of th...
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  • Who wants driverless cars? More of us than you may think
    Who wants driverless cars? More of us than you may think 2019-09-02
    Autonomous cars are an increasingly popular topic, but do we actually want them running on our roads? Industry is more than willing to trial them, but what about the consumer? Relinquishing control can be difficult, especially when it involves potentially placing ourselves in danger. For this reason, some people are very concerned about the introduction of autonomous cars. These vehicles are often...
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  • Time to Take 'Hippocratic Oath' for Engineering
    Time to Take 'Hippocratic Oath' for Engineering 2019-08-27
    To develop smart cities that serve people, planet and society, engineers might consider adopting a Hippocratic Oath for Engineering to guide their work. Cities are becoming smarter as we add sensors, extract and combine data, and optimize processes. Smart cities promise to improve our lives with more comfort, services, safety, efficiency, connectivity. Transport might become instantaneous and flaw...
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  • How and why electric vehicles will change the way cars look
    How and why electric vehicles will change the way cars look 2019-08-23
    Once a novelty, electric vehicles (EV) have moved into the mainstream thanks to high-profile companies like Tesla and best-sellers like the Nissan Leaf. These cars are feature-packed and technology heavy, but the innards aren’t the only part of the car that’s changing. These cars look different on the outside too. The changes to the inside are driving some of those made to the exterior. Electric p...
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  • How has 5G changed our lives?
    How has 5G changed our lives? 2019-08-19
    It’s still too early to experience the real benefits of 5G. Current 5G deployments are limited to just a few neighborhoods in the largest cities, and even there it’s difficult to find a stable 5G signal. None of the truly transformative changes in tech thanks to 5G are possible with such spotty coverage. You won’t be waiting too long. The major wireless carriers all expect to have a sizeable numbe...
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  • New Smart Memory Controller, Breaking Through the Memory Bandwidth Bottleneck
    New Smart Memory Controller, Breaking Through the Memory Bandwidth Bottleneck 2019-08-12
    Microchip's new SMC 1000 8x25G serial memory controller enables CPUs and other compute-centric SoCs to utilize four times the memory channels of parallel attached DRAM within the same package footprint compared to DDR4. The SMC 1000 8x25G enables higher memory bandwidth and media independence for High Performance Computing (HPC), big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning compute-inten...
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  • electronics manufacturing services
    Communication Electronics Manufacturing Cloud Computing or Network Services are linked through network segments of Access, Aggregation, Metro & Core, or Last Mile to First Mile in Services Providers’ terminology & viewpoint. With inclusively its Precision Pick & Place Process (P4) Capabilities, Prime has been manufacturing communication products of: and is aimed to focus on the build of Access & Aggregation categories @ PCBA, Box and System levels, irrespective of wired (copper or fiber) & wireless media used.
  • automotive electronic systems manufacturing
    3CEMS Group, being an EMS provider with intensive process capabilities, is in position to build Electronic Control Units in Automotive Category such as following & not limited to: Body & Comfort, Audio & Infotainment, Power Train & Safety, HEV/EV. Manufacturing segment in automotive industry: Dashboard & LCD Monitor, Car Audio, Voice Interface, Electronic Power Steering, Head Up Display, Engine Control Unit, Vehicle Body Control Module, HVAC Control Module, Door and Mirror Control Module, Lamp Module, Vehicle Battery Management System, HEV and EV Main Inverter, DC-DC Converter, On Board Charger.
    Medical Electronics Manufacturing
    Looking for better smart building, IoT electronics manufacture and design solutions?
  • OEM Measurement Equipment
    Having rich experiences to provide OEM & ODM services to famous companies for test & measurement devices manufacturing.

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