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China Dragon Boat Festival Holiday domestic tourism revenue down nearly 70% 2020-07-03
Based on data released by China's State Administration of Culture and Tourism, in 2020 Dragon Boat Festival Holiday (June 25-27), the number of domestic tourists reached 48.81 million, while the revenue of domestic tourism topped RMB 12.28 billion (US$1.75 billion). These two figures were dropping by 49% and 69% respectively year-onyear.

The resurrection of tourism travel varies among provinces and cities. Due to the rebound of the COVID-19 outbreak, the tourism resurrection of Beijing has inflicted a severe impact. Its performance of tourism statistics was under the national average. The number of tourists in the city was 1.35 million, which was decreased by 76.8% year-on-year. The revenue of tourism was RMB 72.4 million (US$10.32 million), which was decreased by 75.9% year-on-year.

A new coronavirus disease case was reported in Beijing on June 11th after more than 50 consecutive days without new confirmed cases. From 0:00 on June 11 to 24:00 on June 27, 311 local confirmed cases were reported. On June 16, the response level of public health emergencies in Beijing was adjusted to level II, and the prevention and control measures were also upgraded. This round of epidemic in Beijing is related to the wholesale market with high population density and complicated personnel flow, and the situation of prevention and control is more severe.

The resurrection of tourism in Jiangsu, Guangdong is slightly better than the national average level. These two provinces are famous for their prosperous life standard and relatively high income.

Guangdong Province received 10.696 million tourists during the Dragon Boat Festival three-day holiday, which recovered to 53.2% compared with the same period last year; the tourism revenue was RMB 5.26 billion (US$0.75 billion), which recovered to 62% compared with the same period last year. As of June 27, the opening rate of Grade A tourist attractions in Guangdong was 88%.

According to China's State Administration of Culture and Tourism, all tourist attraction sites across China still strictly abide by the bottom line that the number of tourists should not exceed 30% of the maximum carrying capacity. Through the implementation of reservations online ahead of time and refined management of carrying capacity, it is necessary to prevent the overloading of tourists and the gathering of people in scenic spots.

Otherwise, according to the Ministry of Transport of China, in Dragon Boat Festival Three-day Holiday (Duanwu), China's railways, roads, waterways, and air transport sent a total of 78.786 million passengers. In detail, 17.764 million passengers were sent by railway; 56.73 million passengers were transported by roads; 1.612 million passengers were sent by waterway; 2.68 million passengers were transported by air, with an average seat rate of 69%; the postal industry received 599 million packages and delivered 670 million packages. Compared to the Duanwu Holiday last year, the railway and air transport amount declined by 64.99% and 44.4%.

The economy and consumption are struggling back to normal.

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