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  • maxon drives are heading to the Red Planet with NASA's Perseverance rover
    maxon drives are heading to the Red Planet with NASA's Perseverance rover 2020-07-17
    In July, NASA will be sending its fifth rover to Mars. Its main mission is to collect soil samples that will be analyzed on Earth at a later time. The rover will also carry a helicopter that will perform the first flights on the Red Planet. maxon's precision DC and BLDC motors will be used for numerous mission-critical tasks. maxon's drive systems are very familiar with Mars. Our drives have been ...
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  • UK Space Agency Opens Call for Proposals on 5G and Logistics
    UK Space Agency Opens Call for Proposals on 5G and Logistics 2020-07-13
    The UK Space Agency, European Space Agency (ESA) and DCMS have joined forces to invite companies to submit ideas for how they can use 5G terrestrial and space technology to support the UK’s logistics businesses – from rail to ports, from DPD to Amazon. A digital presence and the need to be connected is intrinsic to modern life and in recent times, new digital networks have increasingly been replac...
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  • Supply Chains Challenged to Innovate by Virus
    Supply Chains Challenged to Innovate by Virus 2020-07-10
    We are now six months into this global pandemic, and the impact to global supply chains is clear. According to the Institute for Supply Management, nearly 75 percent of US businesses reported disruptions to their supply chain due to COVID-19 related issues like longer lead times for China-sourced components, production slowdowns or stoppages due to staff reductions, and delays in moving or loading...
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  • First evolutionary version of 5G standard completed
    First evolutionary version of 5G standard completed 2020-07-08
    The 3GPP (the 3rd Generation Partnership Project), the international organization responsible for setting standards for communications from 3G onwards, announced on July 3rd that the R16 standard has been frozen, marking the first evolutionary version of the standard is complete. This means that the technology is fully formed and ready for initial commercial launch. Previously, 3GPP had frozen R15...
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  • China Dragon Boat Festival Holiday domestic tourism revenue down nearly 70%
    China Dragon Boat Festival Holiday domestic tourism revenue down nearly 70% 2020-07-03
    Based on data released by China's State Administration of Culture and Tourism, in 2020 Dragon Boat Festival Holiday (June 25-27), the number of domestic tourists reached 48.81 million, while the revenue of domestic tourism topped RMB 12.28 billion (US$1.75 billion). These two figures were dropping by 49% and 69% respectively year-onyear. The resurrection of tourism travel varies among provinces an...
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  • Ambient 'T-rays' could help power IoT devices
    Ambient 'T-rays' could help power IoT devices 2020-06-30
    Most things with a measurable temperature – human beings going about their daily routines, inert objects – generate terahertz waves, radiation that is sandwiched between infrared and microwave on the electromagnetic spectrum. So far, these waves haven’t proved very useful, but now scientists at MIT are trying to harness them with devices that use them to generate electricity that could charge the ...
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    Communication Electronics Manufacturing Cloud Computing or Network Services are linked through network segments of Access, Aggregation, Metro & Core, or Last Mile to First Mile in Services Providers’ terminology & viewpoint. With inclusively its Precision Pick & Place Process (P4) Capabilities, Prime has been manufacturing communication products of: and is aimed to focus on the build of Access & Aggregation categories @ PCBA, Box and System levels, irrespective of wired (copper or fiber) & wireless media used.
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    3CEMS Group, being an EMS provider with intensive process capabilities, is in position to build Electronic Control Units in Automotive Category such as following & not limited to: Body & Comfort, Audio & Infotainment, Power Train & Safety, HEV/EV. Manufacturing segment in automotive industry: Dashboard & LCD Monitor, Car Audio, Voice Interface, Electronic Power Steering, Head Up Display, Engine Control Unit, Vehicle Body Control Module, HVAC Control Module, Door and Mirror Control Module, Lamp Module, Vehicle Battery Management System, HEV and EV Main Inverter, DC-DC Converter, On Board Charger.
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    Having rich experiences to provide OEM & ODM services to world-top tier-1 companies for test & measurement devices manufacturing.

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